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Lembe Ruben lives and works in Estonia. She has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts graphic arts department. Then she got Master of Arts degree in fine arts. The technique of her works are graphic art, drawing, photography and painting.
She obtained Wiiralt prize of young artist in 2011. Her works can be found in state art museums of Estonia, Latvia and Denmark.
She has taught graphic arts, drawing and composition at the Estonian Academy of Arts and University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy; has designed and illustrated books and magazines; has been engaged in animation and stage decoration.



1982-1993 13th Tallinn Secondary School

1986-1990 Tallinn Art School

1994-1999 Estonian Academy of Arts. Graphic art.

2002 Master of Arts „Subconcious creating methods“



1999 Religion of Bird. Gallery Raatus, Tallinn

2001 The Space of Your Soul. Gallery Põlendruum, Tallinn

2002 Entrance/Exit. Town Gallery of Tallinn

2003 Without Lines. Draakon Gallery, Tallinn

2008 Graphical Plays of Power. Draakon Gallery, Tallinn

2013 Dilemma. Vabaduse Gallery, Tallinn

2013 Encircled with Line. HOP Gallery, Tallinn

2015 Notes on Business Training. Kloostriait, Tallinn

2019 Planet Home. Rakvere Theatre

2020 Aleksander and Rosalie are at home! My grandparents’ house from which they were deported 1941. Salla village, Estonia

2021 Nothingness. Haapsalu City Gallery

2022 Distance. ARS Art Factory, Tallinn



1997 Subrealism. Chaplin Art Century, Pärnu

1998 Chosen Connections. Estonian National Library, Tallinn

1998 Trajektoor. Exhibition of kinethic art. Rotermann Salt Store, Tallinn

1999 Comprehensive exhibition of graphic art. Tallinn Art Hall

2000 Estonian Graphic 2000. fu. Artists House of Tartu

2001 Estonian-Denish Graphic Artists. Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn

2001 Estonian Graphic Art 1998-2001. Estonian National Library, Tallinn

2001 Mehitamine. Year exhibition of Estonian Art Association. Rotermann Salt Store, Tallinn

2001 Midigrafik II. Pärnu City Gallery.

2001 4th Year Exhibition of Association of Artists “Ydi”. Estonian National Library, Tallinn

2001 Conditionally existing. The youth exhibition in the Art Gallery of Hansabank, Tallinn

2002 Estonian graphics. Riihimäki, Finland

2002 Exibition of drawings. Tallinn Art Hall

2004 Preserve of eternity. Pärnu Concert Hall (curator)

2004 Meetings. Pärnu Theatre „Endla“

2005 Separated and together at the same time. Evald Okas Gallery, Haapsalu

2006 Improvisation. Exibition of drawings. Tallinn Art Hall

2007 Accommodations. Estonian Graphic Art. Estonian National Library, Tallinn; Moscovian; Brussels

2009 Letter. Võru City Gallery; Estonian National Library

2010 Contrasts. Year exhibition of Estonian Artists´ Association. Tallinn Art Hall

2011 Ordinary. Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn

2011 Eduard Wiiralt´s prize exhibition. Estonian National Library, Tallinn

2011 Miniprint. Vabaduse Gallery, Tallinn; Rovaniemi, Finland

2011 Ordinary. Exibition of drawings.Tallinn Art Hall; Tartu Y-Gallery; gallery pART, Põltsamaa

2012 Napp. Exibition of drawings. Pärnu City Gallery.

2012 Border, threshold, path. Tallinn 4. Drawing Triennial. Viinistu Art Museum

2013 Interplay. Estonian – Latvian graphic art. Haapsalu

2014 Spring Exhibition. Year exhibition of Estonian Artists´ Association. Tallinn Art Hall

2015 Eduard Wiiralt Prize exhibition. Estonian National Library, Tallinn

2015 5th International Drawing Triennial in Tallinn: BLACK and WHITE

2016 Labyrinth. Pärnu Art Summer, Pärnu City Gallery

2016 Proof Print. Muhu Print graphic art exhibition. Hungarian Institute, Tallinn (curating and designing)

2017 Inspiration. Graphic art exhibition. Estonian Print and Paper Museum, Tartu

2020 Spring Exhibition. Year exhibition of Estonian Artists´ Association. Tallinn Art Hall

2020 Graphic Expandinginto Space. ARS Art Factory, Tallinn

2021 Drawn Nordic. From Reindorff and Ulas to today, Evald Okas Museum, Haapsalu

2022 Spring Exhibition. Year exhibition of Estonian Artists´ Association. Tallinn Art Hall



1998 Labyrinth. 2nd International Triennial of Graphic Art Prague

1998 Touch. 11th Tallinn Print Triennial, Estonia

1999/2000 Baltic Sea Four. International students exhibition. Riga-Stockholm-Turku, Latvia-Sweden-Finland

2001 Exchanging Graphic Artists. Vendsyssel Art Museum. Hjørring, Denmark

2001 International Print Triennial in Kanagawa, Japan

2001 Art Mess of Bremen, Germany

2001 Graphics. Greifswald, Germany

2001 Mutating Image. 12th Tallinn Print Triennial, Estonia

2002 Kaliningrad Print Biennial. Russia

2005 Now art now future. Gallery „ Meno Parkas“ Kaunas, Lietuva; Edsvik Konsthall, Stocholm, Sweden

2008 Kaliningrad Print Biennial, Russia (prize for Estonian exposition)

2012 Novosibirski Print Triennial, Russia

2013 The 11th Baltic States Biennale of Graphic Art. Kaliningrad – Köningsberg, Russia

2015 Miniprint-Tallinn. Gallery Tuśino, Moskva, Russia

2015 The Surprised Eye. Estonian graphic art, Armenian Artist Union Gallery, Jerevan, Armenia

2017 Estonian Nature. Estonian artists exhibition. Gallery Daliko, Krems, Austria

2018 7. Latgale Graphic Art Symposium. Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latvia

2022 10. Latgale Graphic Art Symposium. Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latvia



Estonian Art Museum

Tartu Art Museum, Estonia

Hjørring Art Museum, Denmark

Mark Rothko Centure, Daugavpils, Latvia



Estonian Artists´ Association

Association of Estonian Printmakers

Association of Artists “Ydi”



2012 Wiiralt´s prize for young artist


WORKING: Teaching in: Estonian Academy of Arts, University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, KUMU Art Museum and workshops for art lovers of all ages.

Since 2022  the chairman of the Association of Estonian Printmakers

Organization and curation of exhibitions

Illustrations, book designs



Usual is special 

(for drawing exhibition “Ordinary”)

       Every person has scribbled something absent-minded on the paper-margin and afterwards wondered, how original is the world what has been visualized by this scribble. Automatic drawing opens up and the unconscious takes the floor, when a person stays in his / her natural mood – thoughts are currently dispersed or dealt with something else, therefore hand could follow the spontaneity.

        A pencil line on a paper is the most usual and available medium of depiction, but at the same time honest and special. A figure appearing from the unconscious is the specific criteria of truth. According to the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, the unconscious is the discourse of the Other. This Other (Id) or so-called inner voice speaks to us in its own language. As the Other has something to say, it does it anyway. Surprisingly, its words are often wiser than our logical constructions.

        It seems to be a phenomenon that makes in a creator the wonderful feeling of satisfaction, which you want to feel again and again. Many artists of the different branches have said that their text, notes, imagination are as given by someone else. It seemed to them that their work was not their own, but rather mediated. Even lots of science discoveries are done in the moment, when the human mind would have been not focused on the work. In the case of ingenious thinking, there is often no need for the analyzing glance.

        Your pencil is a frequency-catching antenna. Having this, you gain the ability to foretell future, like many artists have depicted the future events, to cast unconscious desires of your soul into visual form, setting yourself free from them through the psychotherapeutic ways. To learn about yourself and even to create the reality. An artist with such creative state is comparable with a shaman and the knowledge about the world´s essence will become clear in an inner dialogue with the subconscious.